Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of thoughtful leaders in the sex-positive movement including professors, therapists, sexuality educators, bloggers, community leaders, doctors, sex-workers, and ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. Our AB helps shape our vision and offers guidance and advice. Some of our AB members are not listed due to confidentiality requirements.

Jean Franzblau

Jean is the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary, an Intimacy Coordinator for TV and film and a sometimes sex educator for universities. She has designed and guided events for SPLA, facilitated a vision retreat for SPW and provided executive support to Gabriella. Jean's competencies include training, public speaking, group facilitation, executive coaching and experience with the media.

Dr.Laurie Bennett-Cook

Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook is a Clinical Sexologist and Surrogate Partner Therapist. In addition to seeing individual clients, she facilitates small group discussions, speaks internationally and works as a media consultant for documentaries regarding sexuality. Currently she serves as director for our chapter: Sex Positive Utah. She can be reached at


Nikki Brown

I studied Education at the University of Michigan and Law at UCLA, where I focused on Critical Race studies. I enjoy envisioning what the world would be like absent colonialism, and the ubiquitous influences of a white supremacist hetero-patiriarcy. In short - I see sex postivity as a site of personal resistance.

Mojo Mustafa

I've been a member of SPP for over 4 years. As many of you know I was the Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community which was lost in the Kilauea volcanic eruption in 2018. As the Director of a sex positive ecofeminist community for 14 years, I bring sociology and entrepreneur experience to my position on the Advisory board as well as insights on intentional community management.

Christine Moyle

Christine is dedicated to change cultural norms and attitudes around self-expression.  As an advocate for the disability, veteran, and LBGTQ communities, she brings experience from organizing grassroots efforts to crafting public policy to enact change.   She brings this experience to help expand the efforts of the sex-positivity movement.  Christine is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a United States Army veteran.

Dr.Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim, Ph.D. is a doctor of human sexuality, a mind-body sex coach, and an author of five books including, "The New Rules of Sex." Her work focuses on breaking down barriers to health, relationships and pleasure by expanding our individual and cultural paradigm of sexuality. Learn more about her work and products at www.LaurenBrim.comDrLaurenBrim@gmail.com

Rob Santos

Rob Santos, MFT, is a psychotherapist and sex therapist in Los Angeles CA. He has trained under a number of the leading thinkers in the world of sex therapy, especially Doug Braun-Harvey, and specializes in promoting an egalitarian, pleasure-centered alternative to shame-based approaches to sexuality. As a white able-bodied straight cisgender man from a privileged background, he is consciously concerned with understanding his positionality within the frameworks of social power and difference; he hopes to advocate for an increasing level of care for those concerns within the broader SPW community.

Hercules Liotard

also known as The Pleasure Coach and/or Master Hercules: Therapeutic Dom.

I am a sex, intimacy & relationship coach and intimate touch therapist, who has been working with and teaching people about the power and pleasure of intimate touch for over 22 years. I am also trained massage therapist who has been in practice for over 30 years, where I have a practice called A Holistic Balance, where I do massage, bodywork and cuddle therapy.

Anna Marti

Intimacy Coach/erotic professional 25years. Mentor. Neo-tantra leader and facilitator, humble tantric student, Jaya Kula. Yoga practitioner with inmates Oregon Department of Corrections. Facilitator at Death Cafes, where I’m discovering the profound connection between sex and death, both portals, invitations to vulnerability and intimacy, and often the two most difficult subjects to broach with those we love. Honored to be serving with you all.

If you are interested in serving on the

advisory board, please write to gabriella@sexpositiveworld.org 


In order of importance, we’re looking for diversity, passion, a willingness to roll up your sleeves, experience and or education, and connections.

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