The Sex Talk: How to Do it Right


by Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, & Sociologist

If you are worried about having the sex talk with your child, have no idea how or when to begin, or how to properly address the depth of relevant sex & dating topics (e.g., porn, sexual abuse, sexting), you’re going to appreciate this free Sex Talk Summit for the month of June. Talking about complicated topics like this doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Through all the expert interviews, you will learn how to:

  • Release your own blocks around talking to your kids about sex
  • Keep your kids safe, both at home and online
  • Porn-proof your kids
  • Understand the adolescent mind and today’s kid culture
  • Trust your child more and worry less
  • Have an open honest relationship in which your child can ask you questions about sex and relationships
  • Guide your child to make safe healthy choices as they grow into their sexuality

I know you take your role as parent and preparing your child for adulthood seriously. Knowing how to navigate all aspects of sexual conversations and education is a vital part of that. Each day in the month of June 2016, Anya Manes, a parent coach who specializes in helping parents talk to their kids about sex, will release a 30-minute video interview with top experts to ensure your kids have safe and healthy sexual relationships from the start. I am one of the experts interviewed for this series, and discuss masturbation, gender roles, body-image, and intimacy!

To learn tips and strategies that you can begin to implement immediately, register for free for the Sex Talk Summit!

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