Penis Restaurant in China


by Mojo Mustapha, Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii.

In China, like in most parts of the world where there are men, erectile dysfunction is a big issue. Yet rather than use Viagra or one of it’s equivalents, Chinese men often resort to ancient practices. One of the most quirky practices, that has no basis in science, is the eating of various animals penis’s!

Animal Extinction and Chinese Male Impotence

Tiger’s penis, Rhino Horn, Bear Gallbladder, Shark Fin, Seal Penis. What do these parts of endangered animals have in common? They are all parts of animals that are slaughtered around the world because in Chinese culture it is believed that ingesting these animal parts will improve the potency of the Chinese male;  particularly the power of his penis. In fact, the BBC reports there is a specialty restaurant in China which features a menu consisting solely of penises and testicles of various animals, many of them endangered.

This is one case where the little blue pill is not only more effective than ‘ancient Chinese medicine’ but better for the planet too! Literally millions of animals around the world are dying every year in service of the Chinese male penis!

From an Sex Positive perspective, making love is not only about performance but human connection. When there is intimacy, passion and feeling, eating exotic animal penises will not seem that important when on a date!

You can read the BBC article here.

We also found these videos on YouTube:

Mojo Mustapha is the Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii, one of the only eco-feminist communities in the world! With an educational background in Sociology and Women’s Studies, Mojo created two unique educational resources: Ethical Eropreneur and Feminist Entrepreneur which both approach sexuality from the perspective of Sex Positive Feminism.

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