One woman, many men: not as rare as anthropologists originally imagined


by Mojo Mustapha, Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii.

Polyandry – when a woman has relationships with more than one male partner. In progressive Portland it is not uncommon to see a woman have more than one partner. As probably the capital of Ethical Non-Monogamy I have seen many relationships based on polyandry in the Rose City.

However, polyandry is not only in the poly world but also in the stripper world!

Portland has more exotic dancers per capita than any American city The dynamics of how a strip bar is run here is such that to all intents and purposes, dancers form a kind of a relationship with certain of their clients. Many have known regular clients over months or even years. And their men patiently wait their turn if they are busy.

Sex workers report the same phenomenon. As this article shows, polyandry is more common in history than previously thought!

You can read the BBC article here.

Mojo Mustapha is the Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii, one of the only eco-feminist communities in the world! With an educational background in Sociology and Women’s Studies, Mojo founded Ethical Eropreneur and Feminist Entrepreneur. He writes about sexuality from the perspective of Sex Positive Feminism.

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