No sex please, we’re too busy!

The Empress of Russia Receiving Her Guards. 19th century sexual satire.
If only the Empress of Russia had enough time . . . !

In today’s world, one of the biggest issues facing anyone who is trying to be sex positive, live an alternative life or to be an activist is the issue of time or lack thereof.

Having the time to enjoy life was not always so uncommon. In the sixties when societies were relatively prosperous, rents were cheap and salaries were higher, people had time to experiment and enjoy more. They also engaged more with the political system. As a result, the changes started in the sixties are still being felt today.

However,  rents and home prices are skyrocketing in all the major progressive cities of the world; Seattle, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen and so on.

In many developed countries, life has become much more of a struggle just to keep your nose above water getting the bills paid.

People work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. And then of course there’s commuting. So to think of having another lover or volunteering or simply finding the time to be sexual, often involves scraping out precious hours from a packed day.

No sex please, we’re too busy‘: This article by BBC News gives the science behind how lack of time is affecting our sex lives all over the world.

In the poly and sex positive worlds time is a huge issue. “I wish I had the time to enjoy my lovers”! It is definitely a ‘First World Problem’ but that still doesn’t make it any less real!

One way to find the time to enjoy your love life is to make your income from a business that supports your lifestyle! When you are a sex positive person it is a great idea to make a living from positive sexuality! It allows you to easily make time to follow your passion.

This is one of the major reasons for becoming an Ethical Erotic Entrepreneur!

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