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Through our numerous chapters, maintained online through, members in each city chapter organize, host and promote social events and fun times.  

Different levels of membership are offered. You can move from one level to another if you meet the requirements involved. Not everyone opts to move up. There are plenty of wonderful and exciting things at each level!

SPW events are coded by level number (L1 – 4), indicating the level of intimate activity allowed. Group members are designated Level 1 when first accepted into the group.

“Sex positive means looking at what sex actually is, what it can be, what an integrated life with sex looks like, and how to enjoy it in a way where everyone benefits.”– Brett


Ready to experience exquisite joy, meet amazing people, and be part of the new sexual revolution? Join SPW and get in on the fun!



Have a peek and see which membership is right for you.  

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Lifetime Membership

Free –Voyeur

For adding your name and email to our roster, you get access to our calendar of major events. You can also access our blog, receive our newsletter, enjoy free downloads, get special announcements, and apply to one of our local groups through

Annual Memberships

$29 – FLIRT

Become a card-carrying member. In addition to all the Voyeur perks above, you’ll receive discounts from our sponsors and get 10% off anything from our online store.


All of the above, plus you can wear your pride with one of our snazzy t-shirts. Also, if you join one of the SPW local groups, we will waive your $22 annual membership (free for every year you are a Friend with Benefits).

$99 – LOVER

We love you too! In addition to all of the above you will receive our SPW Shag Bag. Choose from the Vanilla or the Kinky version (includes safer sex supplies, sensation toys, and other fun things).


You sponsor three members at the Friend with Benefits Level.

$250 – FLOOZY

Receive everything in the Lover package, plus free attendance to one of our major events in a city of your choice (we can help you select the one that is right for you).

$500 – SLUT (Soulfully Lusty Ultra Titillating)

You spread your love far and wide and bring great pleasure to many. You get everything (yes, everything!!!) above, plus 250 Love Bucks which you can use to pay for up to 50% of SPW Signature events or online merchandise.

$1000 – GRAND SLUT

You are the biggest SLUT of all! And your membership enables SPW to reach many others who are less fortunate, giving hope to the repressed and oppressed while making the world a happier and sexier place. You receive all of the above, plus a special invitation to our annual Grand Slut Dinner!

$2000 and up –GODDESS/GOD

You believe in what we do, support our mission, and have the means to really make a difference. We want to thank you, oh Most Benevolent One, by letting us worship you over a long weekend at our retreat center in the countryside near Portland, Oregon. Spend three days with other Goddesses and Gods. Enjoy great food, workshops, sapio-sexual conversations, nature walks (clothing optional), rafting and swimming in the river, massages, yoga, dance, and much more. You can bring friends for $1,000 each.