Hedonisia Hawaii: A Level-1 Eco-Community in Paradise!

Sex Positive World Level 1 Definition – Social/Educational

L1 events are open to all members and non-members alike. Feel free to bring friends, family and co-workers. Come to as many L1 events as you can to make friends and learn about our organization. L1 events include workshops, classes, wine/cocktail socials, plays, burlesque shows, etc. A greeting hug is the most physical contact you can have at this event.

Jungle Queen community in Hawaii
Jungle Queen: A sensual empowered woman who can defend herself!

Sex Positive World has developed a unique and very practical ‘Level system’ that can not only work for events but also for an eco-tourist community in Hawaii!

Hedonisia Hawaii is an eco-feminist community on the volcanic slopes of Puna, Hawaii. We are in a lush rainforest location that can only be described as a sensual paradise!

From the beginning we wanted to be a different kind of intentional community in Hawaii. At the same time, we want to remain a community that welcomes ‘normal’ tourists looking for a nice eco-friendly place to stay.

To most visitors, Hawaii is a tropical heaven. Sip on a Mai Tai and rub some suntan lotion on! It is a place of honeymoons and romantic rainbows. A place where sensuality can come alive!

However, on a typical Sunday, take a peek into any of the hundreds of churches dotted all over our tiny state. You will discover that, under the softly swaying coconut trees, native Hawaii is more conservative and Christian than the holiday brochures would suggest!

Positive sex movements, events or communities are sometimes seen by the local population as ‘hippie’ or ‘sinful’ and frowned upon. So we are careful not to offend Hawaiian sensibilities by being too provocative or sexy at our community!

Jungle Warrior Queen Mural
We use strong sensual woman as the dominant art motif in the community!

It is a delicate balance to create a place where love and special friendships can happen but also where personal boundaries and individual space is respected. To create a space where visitors can feel safe to explore, we developed our own Community Sexual Harassment & Dating Guidelines.

Based on our testimonials and reviews, we are slowly finding that balance! For example, we provide the ambience and backdrop for love! All over the community, we have sensual murals and art. We created cozy eco-friendly ‘love shacks’ that are sturdy and secluded for our guests! 

Simultaneously, we completely respect the boundaries and comfort zone of the Guests or Volunteers who stay at our community, have a wonderful vacation and leave with no idea that we also manage a portfolio of sapiosexual web projects on reproductive rights and sex positive feminism!

We are ‘pleasurable activists’ and proud of it! With the terminology developed by Sex Positive World, especially defining different levels in events, places or persons, we can now officially call ourselves a Level 1 community!

Those who are interested in the work we do ‘beneath the surface’, are welcome to apply to be an Intern Community Manager where they can work on the websites in our community portfolio as part of their intern duties. 

Sex positive community in Hawaii
We are sensual and sex positive L1 community!

Aside from being LGBTQ friendly, we provide a retreat for poly or ethically non-monogamous folks. It can be challenging for polyamorous partners to holiday together in exotic locations! Many tropical countries are highly judgmental of those who choose to live outside the confines of monogamy.

We are okay with the choices of consenting adults but we must emphasize that we are not a swinger’s retreat or sex resort. Hedonisia is primarily an eco-tourist community. Currently we do NOT host L2-L4 (sensual or sexual events or workshops).

As Hawaii itself evolves into a more liberal state, our community will change and evolve too!

In the meantime, the city or Portland OR is already one of the most ethically sex positive cities on the planet with all sorts of events, communities, workshops and activities. 

It is our long term goal to bring more of SPP’s quirky and sexy magic to Hedonisia! As part of that slow process, the Community Director, Mojo lives part of the year at our micro-community in Portland and is a volunteer and blogger at SPP.

To honor members of Sex Positive Portland, we offer a 10% discount on any of our our programs. Be sure to mention your SPP membership in your application.

Wishing you much aloha!

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