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SexPositive World is a member/volunteer organization with nearly 5000 members in twelve cities and five countries. Founded in 2009 by Gabriella Cordova in Portland, Oregon, it headquarters are now in Los Angeles and Portland.

Each chapter is run autonomously using Meetup.com and Facebook as platforms. They are guided and supported by SPW. Our work is driven by Four Core Principles:


We are inclusive and compassionate; we promote self-love, respect, and healthy boundaries.


We are a learning organization; we value intelligence and science while allowing space for enchantment and mystery.


We acknowledge the beauty and power of human touch; we support the healthy exploration of sexual choice as a means towards freedom and vitality.


We are fiercely committed to our purpose; we find elegant solutions and bring fun to our work.

We're committed to changing the way that cultures worldwide, approach sexuality and as such we endeavor to add to the knowledge and understanding of negative the effects of sex-negativity and how healthy sexuality can effect positive change. Further, we are committed to delving into areas that were previously taboo or simply not seen as important within the larger scientific community. Our goal is to encourage more rigorous debate, and a deeper look into the impacts of sex and relationship on our experience of life.


Find a meetup group near you from the list below and click on the link. At the Home page click “Join us!” and fill out the application. Once we’ve had a chance to review and approve it, you will receive a welcome email. This usually takes between 1-3 weeks.

If you don’t see a meetup group near you, please check back often. Or consider starting your own local chapter (see below)!

“Sex Positive World respects the human expression of sex as a celebration of our personal freedom and practice of being in the moment, because the moment is where life really is.” – Michele


Sex Positive World meetup groups are not only fun and exciting, they are changing lives! We aim to grow the sex positive movement by forming chapters all over the globe (worldwide pleasure and love domination)!

We’re looking for dynamic, passionate, dedicated people who want to lead their own local meetup group. If you feel the stirring, we would love to talk to you.

Like a good parent, we will love and guide your chapter, but we will let you make decisions for yourself. Here are some of the ways we will support you:

1. Free leadership training
2. SPW Sexy Leadership Manual (including all the forms we’ve developed plus best practices, tips and tricks
3. SPW Exciting Volunteer Manual
4. SPW Facilitator’s Guidebook: a collection of fun and sexy events and how to facilitate them
5. A direct link to and from SPW’s website
6. The benefit of our advertising, marketing, outreach, and partnerships
7. Oversight, advice, and help from SPW staff (you can call us directly or participate in the monthly group hangout)
8. Free SPW events such as festivals, SexPosiums, and Excites, for your chapter leaders

Want to get started? Let’s talk! Please email Gabriella Cordova, SPW Director. Put “Start a new chapter” in the subject field. Include your phone number, time zone, and Skype name. Gabriella will contact you to schedule a phone or Skype appointment.

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Sex positivity is a social movement and philosophy which regards all consensual expressions of sexuality as healthy, encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, places an emphasis on informed consent and advocates sex education and risk-aware sex. Sex-positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference.

SexPositive LA is a real community of open-minded, alive, and awake people (members and volunteers). We provide a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a safe, welcoming, and consensual environment. We believe that sexual energy is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, solidifying relationships, and building community, and we develop that energy by sharing ideas and experiences in real world and virtual settings (Secret Facebook Groups, Reddit, and other Social media.)

Our real world events include classes, discussion groups, workshops, socials, parties, festivals, and more. They range from member hosted events (in homes, parks, restaurants, etc.), outings together where we might go watch burlesque shows, sex-positive theater, Hump Fest, or visit a dungeon or club together, to signature events (facilitated events like our snuggles, couple/triads massages, and parties including our Sizzle or Blaze events) that are created by SexPositive LA and led by its core volunteers. We strive to keep events low cost (enough to cover expenses) and free when possible, but we sometimes do fundraisers, which cost a little more.

Anyone can attend any Level 1 event that interests them, meaning you can invite friends and loved ones, however, if you wish to attend Level 2 or higher events you must attend an Orientation and pay your annual dues. Orientation is a full-evening of activity that introduces our ideas and mission, explains how our group and events work, and includes some fun interactive exercises. These occur on the last Sunday of every month and sometimes in the middle of the month.

At events you are expected be respectful of the boundaries of others and of the event, to take care of yourself, and honor your boundaries and agreements. Beyond that, anything else is up to you. You will never be expected to do anything you don't want to, or to interact with anyone you don’t wish to. But we do expect you to contribute as an active participant through positive social interaction. Sex-positivity is about authentic, respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires.